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Should I See a Dentist?

Signs that you need to see a dentist

Prioritize Minor Dental Issues

Living life on the go is a constant for many of us. We wake to our alarm each morning, often wishing to just hit the snooze button, but knowing we can't. From there, it's balancing between work, meetings, children, the gym, school, volunteering, traveling, (take a breath) and preparing for a triathlon. Somedays, a healthy meal is replaced with fast food or a snack bar and our own needs are pushed to the backburner.

Minor dental issues, like a zing of tooth sensitivity, are easily pushed off to the side because they do not interfere with our daily tasks. However, ignoring the mild signs can lead to headache, jaw pain, and severe toothache. Mild symptoms could foreshadow a major issue and become costly to treat.

Dental Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Identifying a cavity or periodontal disease in its early stage is essential to improving treatment results. Signs and symptoms indicating you should visit the dental include:

  • Oral pain ‐ injury, decay, a loose tooth, or infection can cause toothache or pain in the jaw
  • Bleeding ‐ while brushing and flossing, bleeding is a sign of gum disease
  • Bad breath ‐ an unpleasant odor in the mouth can be a sign of dry mouth, infection, poor dental hygiene, or health problems
    • Many illnesses and diseases may cause bad breath: respiratory tract infections, postnasal drip, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, and chronic acid reflux.
  • Gum recession ‐ recession of gum tissue can be a sign of gum disease
    • Untreated gum recession can lead to damage in the gums and jawbone.
  • Sores and blisters ‐ around the lip, cheeks, and tongue, these can be a sign of tooth infection or STD (sexually transmitted disease)

Even if no symptoms are present, we should all make time to visit our dentists at least twice a year for cleanings and exams. There's no telling how much pain, cost, and time a little bit of prevention can save.

Some Health Issues begin in the Mouth

Severe health issues can begin in the mouth and be a sign of a weakened immune system. Dental problems can lead to life-threatening complications or be the result of a health issue that has yet to be diagnosed. See your dentist if you are experiencing any abnormal symptoms.